Photo Credit: It’s been wonderful today. even if the temperature today is ranging from 28°C to 41°C.  It’s hot actually. but’s it is ok. No problem for that. that is normal here in Saudi Arabia. During the day we usually go to office send emails to clients and most importantly visiting the client. going site


There’s a lot of addiction around the world. Most popular is drug addiction. We know it is also deadly when you are involved in this kind of addiction. Most persons who are engaged find difficult to overcome. It is included in the list of the suicidal factor. ANOTHER COMMON ADDICTION IS GAMBLING. THERE ARE 3


This drawing is based on my wife’s descriptions. She likes house near waterfalls. And that’s it a living room with a glass wall showing a waterfall. I try my best to make it. Hope she likes it. If you want the cad file for it.  just leave your email below the comment section.


(Photo Credit to: How can I start without knowing how to start? I started asking me to start but how? just crazy introduction-need improvement. I started this blog just to expressed myself. My name is Lites and I am Mechanical Engineer in profession. My hobby is watching movies(esp. old comedy movies), basketball, anime, reality

The Journey Begins

let’s start the journey! this site is my personal website for making blogs. This is also dedicated for my masterpiece in designing different kind of things. I keep on sharing what I’ve finished drawing and its better to here from you what you want me to draw or you want me to design. I will