Autocad- 3d Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircase to heaven If there’s stairway to heaven, there is also a spiral (lol! just kidding). Here you go. see below pictures. I made this using the command Helix, Extrude, Sweep for 3d modeling. Comment your email below if you want the cad file of 3d spiral staircase. Check other 3d drawings. Autocad- 3D

Autocad- 3D Microwave Oven

The microwave oven (3D Microwave Oven) is essential to our lives as it heats up our food. Used by the person who has limited time. Buy some prepared food and just heat up and that it can consume immediately. This 3d microwave oven is a part of my 3d drawing to complete my kitchen. In

Autocad- 3d Sink Countertop

Stainless steel 3d sink countertop modeling 3d cad modeling of stainless steel sink with black marble counter-top. Command use: Extrude Sweep Revolve loft press-pull Just comment your email below if you want the cad file. I’d love to share it with you as soon as possible. Thanks. Check other 3d drawings. 3d Sink Countertop Coca

Thirsty Wednesday! Coca Cola 3d modeling

Its been a hot Wednesday today.  I think I need to replenish all the water loss from my body. I sweat a lot. It’s annoying. By the way, I inspired to draw the coca cola bottle because of hot weather-Here in Saudi Arabia. I use AutoCAD software to draw the 3d modeling of the coca-cola bottle.

Autocad- 3d gas stove range

The following command use to make the 3-d gas stove range. Extrude Subtract pressfull sweep 3d gas stove range 3d Spiral Staircase 3d Sink Countertop Coca Cola 3d modeling

Autocad-How to add Command Aliases

Add AutoCAD command aliases Open Autocad application Go to Manage Edit Aliases On drop-down menu click Edit aliases Editable file (PGP file) will open add command aliases as you like finally, key-in “reinit” to command bar and click PGP, this is to integrate the new aliases to the system of your command center. Likewise, Watch

Different types of Flange

Flange usually connected by welding or by screws. Due to the brilliant popularity and usage in the mechanical piping aspects. This has been designed for different types to be able to meet the normal, critical and particular specifications. As we go along we will learn the flange type. There are 7 types of flanges along

AutoCad’s Usefulness

Autocad the format software program application features 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional manner of drafting. Concerning developing the market from the time that it turned into launched genuinely with the aid of manner of its miles constructor Autodesk. Autocad has created to designs and drafts lots easier in contrast to the old manner of drawing that’s


ANSI B16.5 CLASS 150 BLIND FLANGE *ALL UNITS ARE IN INCHES *ALL FILES ARE IN .DWG FORMAT Drawing 3d Nominal Pipe Size Outside Diameter (D) Thickness (T) Raised Face Diameter (R) Raised Face Diameter (RF) Approximate Weight (lbs) Bolt Circle (BC) Number of Holes Diameter of Holes(d) NPS 1/2  1/2 3.5 0.38 1.38 0.06 1

How to draw spring on Autocad

3d spring drawing can be done using 3 commands Helix, circle and Sweep command To Start, we need the following dimensions. Inside diameter (Diameter of the base should be the same with  the diameter at the top) The height of the spring No. of turns wire diameter In this example, this is the dimensions for

Autocad Shortcut command

The following command in AutoCAD makes your life easy and time-consuming will be less and effective. This is the shortcut key command on Autocad. FOLLOW BELOW GUIDE: Moreover, you will see a text file containing a shortcut key as per below. 3A, *3DARRAY 3DMIRROR, *MIRROR3D 3DNavigate,*3DWALK 3DO, *3DORBIT 3DP, *3DPRINT 3DPLOT, *3DPRINT 3DW, *3DWALK 3F,