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3d Modeling and Rendering of BMW car It’s been a long time for my update. Now here’s my lates 3D rendering of luxurious BMW in yellow color. BMW luxury car 3d drawing. Kindly click the link for the cad file. Download link Please check my other posts: 1 . Downloadable drawing 2. Spiral staircase 3.

Famous Vehicle in the Philippines- Motorcycle

3D rendering of Motorcycle The Philippines, especially the NCR (National Capital Region) has heavy traffic all over the cities. its like there’s a big parking lot on the road. This we can see on the famous and historical and along Avenue the EDSA(Efipanio Delos Santos Avenue).  Another angle view That’s why the easy way to

Most popular Transportation in the Philippines- Jeepney

Hi guys! today I gonna show you the famous and most popular transportation in the Philippines.  A Jeepney or simply we call it “JEEP”. How it became most popular? here it is. Anywhere in the Philippines, you can find it. Within 24hrs a day and 7 times a week. So, you don’t have to worry

Autocad – 3D Bathroom

Hi guys! All of us need this featured modeling. When nature calls us we need this. Also,  We use this for our personal hygiene. Well, this is a bathroom to be specific. Usually bathroom consist of the following:  Sink with faucet Water closet Shower Trash Can bathtub (optional) Hand Dryer (optional) We generally looking for


Hi guys! How are you? Are you feeling tired and sleepy? Work for long hours and weeklong?  Well, you need to go to bed and take a long rest. You need to regain energy lost. Also,  It’s important for us to have enough sleep. for a better life. Are you agree with me? Hopefully yes.

Autocad- Kitchen 3d Modeling-Rendering

Hi guys! A blessed day to all of you. I hope all of you are well and happy. And you already eat your breakfast, lunch or dinner. If not Better go to your kitchen and cook a delicious and healthy food.  Now, I’m Back Again to show my drawing.  As you can see in my

Autocad- 3d Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircase to heaven If there’s stairway to heaven, there is also a spiral (lol! just kidding). Here you go. see below pictures. I made this using the command Helix, Extrude, Sweep for 3d modeling. Comment your email below if you want the cad file of 3d spiral staircase. Check other 3d drawings. Autocad- 3D

Autocad- 3D Microwave Oven

The microwave oven (3D Microwave Oven) is essential to our lives as it heats up our food. Used by the person who has limited time. Buy some prepared food and just heat up and that it can consume immediately. This 3d microwave oven is a part of my 3d drawing to complete my kitchen. In

Autocad- 3d Sink Countertop

Stainless steel 3d sink countertop modeling 3d cad modeling of stainless steel sink with black marble counter-top. Command use: Extrude Sweep Revolve loft press-pull Just comment your email below if you want the cad file. I’d love to share it with you as soon as possible. Thanks. Check other 3d drawings. 3d Sink Countertop Coca

Thirsty Wednesday! Coca Cola 3d modeling

Its been a hot Wednesday today.  I think I need to replenish all the water loss from my body. I sweat a lot. It’s annoying. By the way, I inspired to draw the coca cola bottle because of hot weather-Here in Saudi Arabia. I use AutoCAD software to draw the 3d modeling of the coca-cola bottle.

Autocad- 3d gas stove range

The following command use to make the 3-d gas stove range. Extrude Subtract pressfull sweep 3d gas stove range 3d Spiral Staircase 3d Sink Countertop Coca Cola 3d modeling