Autocad- Kitchen 3d Modeling-Rendering

Hi guys! A blessed day to all of you. I hope all of you are well and happy. And you already eat your breakfast, lunch or dinner. If not Better go to your kitchen and cook a delicious and healthy food

Now, I’m Back Again to show my drawing.  As you can see in my previous post, I draw the following:

Items on the kitchen:

Furthermore, Below are the photos after the actual rendering.

Similarly, As above see below for another photo

3d kitchen rendering
Kitchen rendering other view

Also, this photo is view at the other angle showing sink.

kitchen sink 3d

Similarly, another sink angle view below

kitchen sink 3d view 2
kitchen sink 3d view 3

Lastly below are the video of my 3D modeling and rendering of kitchen:

This drawing is done by Autocad software. 

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