How to draw spring on Autocad

3d spring drawing can be done using 3 commands

  • Helix,

  • circle

  • and Sweep command

To Start, we need the following dimensions.

  • Inside diameter (Diameter of the base should be the same with  the diameter at the top)

  • The height of the spring

  • No. of turns

  • wire diameter

spring dimensions

In this example, this is the dimensions for the spring

  1. Inside diameter= 100mm
  2. height=500mm
  3. No. of turns= 20
  4. wire diameter=20mm

Let’s start!

First type Helix on the command bar command toolbar

Second, it will ask for the center of the base. Just click anywhere in the model drawing area.

Third, it will ask for the base diameter, top diameter, and height of your spring.

helix sample

The outcome should be like above picture. if you put the dimensions the same as above.

fourth, set aside the helix spring. and draw a circle(in my example I draw the circle with a 20mm diameter same as below picture).

helix with circle

fifth, use the Sweep command. type in sweep in the command toolbar.

it will ask a select object to sweep. just click the circle and then press enter. then click the helix.

Finally, set your view setting as below.

view settings

The result will be like this. see below


please comment below if there’s not clear. thanks.


Try other shapes just for fun…

triangle spring

(triangular profile for the wire)

square spring

(Square profile)

Thanks for your time to read.

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