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It’s been wonderful today. even if the temperature today is ranging from 28°C to 41°C.  It’s hot actually. but’s it is ok. No problem for that. that is normal here in Saudi Arabia.

During the day we usually go to office send emails to clients and most importantly visiting the client. going site at the height of 40°C make no issue to us. As long as to win the client. bringing a lot of water to replace the perspiration and energy loss. after will go to a restaurant that has a lot of yellow rice place in a 1ft diameter plate -as per them is good for 1 person only but for me, It’s for 2-3 persons.  This is paired with chicken. You choose between the following grilled, roasted and fried chicken.  The side dish is a lot of green leaves, a sour vegetable, and a ground tomato. They give free bread made from pure flour without yeast together with round eggplant(they call it humus) with olive oil for dipping. Well, I wish they have pork steak available but of course definitely not allowed (it’s a Muslim country).

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After a long working day, it’s time to go home. need to consume the remaining hours for the next day to come. a piece of coffee or tea is the common drink here by the nationals and expatriate. We usually sit down drinking coffee or tea to talk a lot. Not the usual thing do by friends to sit down and drink beer and enjoy all night.  alcohol is not allowed. besides its good, your money is saved(lol). for saving purposes it better here. all the vices like gambling, alcohol drugs etc. are not allowed. Once caught it will be a big trouble you may face. a huge amount of money including jailed.

Here, the faster the day get over, the better. We all targeting the next day, next month, another month to be finished immediately to come to the time we are going home(home country).



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